Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mysterious as the Dark Side of the Moon

I realized the other day that it's been about a month since my last post. To be fair, nothing very exciting has happened in that time. Brief recap:

I renewed my passport.
I started job hunting.
We got new FTs and ATs at work. (That may have  been in June. After about a week it's like they've always been here.) 
We went to a bar for "America night" on July 4.
I nearly drowned my phone and camera in a puddle during a week of intense rainstorms. 
I joined a yoga studio and started the Insanity workout program. 
I went paddle boating on the lake.
I did some souvenir shopping and ordered a tailor made qipao (traditional Chinese dress for myself). 
I was not involved in any traffic accidents. 
There has been massive construction - in the apartment next to mine, at my grocery store, at the market by work, and especially at work. Which prompted me to write a song today:

"Dongbao center's falling down, falling down, falling down. Dongbao center's falling down. Oh my, Mickey!"

Also, it has been hot (40+ degrees Celsius (100+ degrees Fahrenheit)) most days and super humid. The past few days have had blue skies, which has been really nice. Also nice, the following things that are awesome and totally throw off my sense of money:

Breakfast wraps for $0.33-$0.50
Popsicles for $0.25-$0.33 (some days I buy 2...)
Whole watermelons for under $1
A water bill for 2 months that's about $5

So I'm still here.