Saturday, September 24, 2011

A whole new world...

Training is intense. I wake up in the morning, shower, eat, head down to the metro to get to the center. Walking and metroing is about an hour commute. Then 3 hours of training (educational theories, technology, etc), an hour lunch, and 5 more hours of training (curriculum, teaching methods, mock lessons, etc). Yesterday we visited centers and observed classes for the first time, so as a treat we get to go in late on Monday. 

The trainer, Kit, is awesome. She has lots of energy and enthusiasm and tries to make things interesting and comprehensible for us. 
Spending today resting and catching up on sleep. May do some touring later. Exciting news of the week: They need our passports to get our resident visas, but they are figuring out how to get them back to us so we can go touring over the National holiday break (Oct 1-5). Hooray!

Sorry, no pictures. Will have some when I get to my center ( and do more touring.

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  1. If they are putting you up in a hotel, why don't they make it closer to the training center?

    (sam w.)