Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Just the Bare Necessities

I have a place to live that isn't a hotel! It's a lovely, large, 3 bedroom apartment in a military complex 2 bus stops from work and across the street from a mall and a supermarket. It has a washing machine, a large kitchen (by Chinese standards) with a dishwasher and refrigerator, a bathroom with a Western toilet and a shower door (which you do not appreciate until there is a possibility you will be without one of them), and a mattress on my bed. I will be living with 3 Chinese people, who are also in their 20's, one of whom speaks mediocre English, and the other 2 whose English is as good as my Chinese. Next on the list: e-bike, helmet, and Chinese tutor, plus travel.

Today was spent window shopping with some other DisneyEnglish people. I tried to do a little sightseeing (a lake and a museum), but the lake wasn't as nice as the tour book said, and I couldn't find the museum, plus it was probably closed. Tonight we're taking Sharin out for her last night in Nanjing. Tomorrow is a day trip to Shanghai before going back to work on Thursday for Andrew Sugerman's visit (exciting). 

Mochou Lake
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  1. I hope you are still there when the lake becomes charming! whats an e-bike?