Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mulan's Garden

I am in Nanjing! I arrived last Friday to a beautiful hotel that has a mini-fridge, a couch, a goldfish, and a rubix cube in my room! My Assistant Trainer, Tina, met Sharin and me at the train station, took us to the hotel, to lunch, and took me to get a new phone number (apparently the one I got in Shanghai is long distance from here). Then we rested, and Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I reported to work.
My hotel
My hotel room

Derek, my fish :)
Work is kind of awesome. My center is in a mall that is undergoing construction, so it's a little sketchy, but the people are great. There are about 20 of us total at the center. The 2 other FTs are from West Virginia and Baltimore, which we find very amusing; my LLD (my boss) is from Britain, and the Center Manager is from California. The native staff is very friendly.  Each room has a theme (mine is Mulan's Garden) and has a beautiful mural from the corresponding Disney story. Plus, we decorated for Halloween and will be costume shopping soon (but we can't be Disney characters... strange). I have 1 class (so far) of 2 2 year old girls, which means that right now, though I work 40 hours/week, I'm actually only teaching 1.5 of those hours. In a couple of weeks, I will get another class. The rest of the time, I am planning, doing demos to get more students, helping with marketing events and other things around the center.
Technology in my room
The Realia Room (props, etc)
The Front Desk
The Clubhouse

And I am apartment hunting, since I have to be out of the hotel in 2.5 weeks. No news there yet.

Just for fun: Can you name the Disney story:
100 Acre Wood
Andy's Bedroom

Coral Reef
Mulan's Garden (My room)
Pixie Hollow
Radiator Springs
Snow White's Castle


  1. I see Winnie the pooh, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Tinkerbell, Lion King, Cars, Snow White.....yay me! I dont know what Mulans GArden is. Thats kinda funny considering its your room. Thats so fun that your hotel has a fishy! Guess what?!?! I made a scarf with the crochet set you let me borrow! Ill take a pic soon and email it to you.

  2. I am sooooo glad you're enjoying your job! I'm also glad that you got one of the best characters. Mulan has true girl power!

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    Thank you!!!!