Thursday, December 1, 2011

Be prepared

I have moved. I now live in a lovely tiny (70 sq. m or about 630 sq.ft) 2 bedroom apartment near 2 coworkers, 2 bus stops from work in the opposite direction from previously. That's kind of where the focus has been for the past week. Tuesday was moving day, signing up for Internet, and shopping for stuff for the apartment.  Thank goodness for Tina. Wednesday, after my shower curtain was installed, I sadly went shopping at Walmart for more supplies, but then the afternoon was free, and I played on the metro. I rode to the end of line 2 and visited 5 stops before I got too cold and decided to go back to the apartment. Met up for dinner with some training friends who were visiting Nanjing, and then back to work Thursday. That night I finished setting up the apartment and had a movie night with "Wall-E", Oreos and milk, and my Snuggie and got ready to get "back to normal".
My 33 story tall building

My apartment

The kitchen area

My room with the laundry room through the door

The bathroom
The small bedroom

This morning I went to Nanjing University to meet with a professor who is a friend of a friend of the family and the director of the Institute for Judaic Studies. We had a nice chat, and he showed me around the Institute and the library and things before driving me to work and giving me a mini tour and history of part of the city.

Until next week...

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