Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Today is Tomb Sweeping Day, when Chinese people take care of the graves of their ancestors to show respect, bringing foods, burning fake money to provide for them. They also visit graves of significant historical people or of people who died in big events in China's past. Because of this, I had a real weekend - Saturday and Sunday off to make up for the schedule change related to the holiday.
Fake money for sale to burn for Tomb Sweeping Day
Friday before work, I went to lunch with a couple of girls from work, and we ordered somethings from the pictures on the menu. Then the restaurant gave us complimentary turtle soup. We tried to tell them we didn't order it, until they insisted it was free. One of the girls got so sick she had to leave the restaurant; the other one and I tried it. It was fishy. 

Saturday and Sunday were beautiful. Megan and I saw a dog show on our way to go paddle-boating on the lake, and then we ended up going in a circle for a half an hour. Afterwards, we had dinner and met up with people to go out for the night. Sunday, I had brunch with a non-Disney friend and relaxed in the afternoon. I went to dinner with another FT, and we had steak. Real steak. I had a yummy 3 course meal for 59RMB (about $10). The manager gave us his card so we would come back again.

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