Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Very Merry Unbirthday

Monday night, we went out for my belated birthday dinner at a local Turkish restaurant with people from work. Tuesday night was another DisneyEnglish birthday celebration. Wednesday, I took a day trip to Yangzhou. 

Yangzhou is a small town about an hour or so away by train. One of the ATs at work is from there and had given me a short list of things to do while I was there. I arrived and jumped on a bus to the lake. I joined an older Chinese couple and a student named Susan. Susan and I spent have the day exploring the beautiful Slender West Lake Park. The coolest thing I saw there was a piano on wheels. The pianist and his violin playing wife played Hava Nagila at a park in Yangzhou, in China. I was highly amused and pleased. 

Susan and I eventually went to the culture/food street to eat. Although there were more tourist shops than restaurants on that street. Until you got to the Song Dynasty East Gate at the end of the road. After lunch, Susan went to one of the gardens, while I caught a bus back to Nanjing and went to bed very early. 

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